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School Council

School Council 2023 - 2024

Welcome to our School Council page


Pupil voice is highly valued at All Saints'. At the beginning of the school year, each class elects two class representatives for the school council. The school council contributes to decision making within our school. 


This year our school councillors are:


Lions - Reuben & Freddie

Leopards - Edith & Henry

Tigers - Jessica & Leo

Foxes - Connor & Izzy

Badgers - Phoebe & Harry

Otters - Caitlin & Evie

Starfish - Jack & Teddy

Seahorse - Oliver & Elowen 

Turtles - Jessica & Zach

Our Opening Ceremony!


On Friday 13th of October 2023 our school council representatives welcomed guests to our school for our grand opening ceremony! They greeted our guests in the school hall before our whole school collective worship. The school council then attended the cutting of the ribbon and blessing ceremony at the front of our school with our guests. The school council then gave our guests a fantastic tour of the new parts of our school. After the tours, they served our guests refreshments of drinks and nibbles in the school hall. Thank you to the school council for your support with our opening ceremony. 


School Council Meeting - 6.11.23


In our meeting today we discussed why we wanted to be class representatives for the school council. We thought about the following questions:

Why do I want to be a member of the school council?

What would I like to do as a member of the school council this year?

What can we do together to make our school even better?


The children thought of lots of ideas and had a good discussion with their peers. They are now going to ask their own classes for further ideas of how we can make our school even better. 

School Council Meeting - 20.11.23 - How can we make our school even better? 


Today our representatives shared their classes ideas for how we can make our school even better. Here are the children's suggestions -  



  • New coloured chairs
  • Monkey bars
  • Slide and twin swings
  • Tunnel
  • Obstacle course
  • Football goals
  • More lunch tables
  • Inside equipment for indoor PE


  • More indoor games for wet playtime
  • Skipping ropes at playtime
  • Better container for the Lego at playtime
  • Toy puppets 
  • Ipads and more Chromebooks
  • More small world play
  • Rock climbing


  • Cheeseburgers on the lunch menu
  • New books
  • Slides, swings, monkey bars
  • More clubs - art and running club
  • Bikes
  • More footballs
  • Daily Mile


  • Paint the walls colourful
  • Class pet
  • A second floor
  • A dance floor
  • Scooters and helmets
  • Bigger library


  • Bigger seats in the hall
  • Drink stand so you can help yourself in the hall at lunchtime
  • For the hall to be quieter at lunchtime
  • Monkey bars
  • More toys for wet play
  • More school trips
  • More zones of regulation
  • Water fountains for drinking outside
  • Fans in the summer
  • Break time with KS1


  • More Chromebook crates
  • More litter pickers
  • New art pastels
  • Zip line for the playground
  • Outside reading corner
  • Canopy in the playground
  • Bigger lockers
  • DOJOs
  • Growing club
  • Bigger allotment 
  • Swimming lessons for KS2


  • Bigger lunch benches for the year 6s
  • Snack trolley
  • Whiteboard pens
  • More watercolour paints 
  • A quiet reading zone - use a shed
  • Bird watching club


  • Air freshners in toilets
  • School snacks for KS2
  • Bigger tables in classrooms
  • More whiteboard pens and rubbers
  • Names on pegs for coats
  • Trampoline where the old stage was
  • Sewing club


  • More variety at the salad bar
  • More toilets for year 5 and 6
  • More topic days
  • Playtime toys
  • Net for badminton in the hall
  • Monkey bars and a swing
  • Litter picking job - children to be chosen for the role
  • Gymnastics mats
  • Wet play games
  • More huts 
  • Buffets for lunch
  • Dodgeballs for break time
  • Football goals
  • Brownies on the lunch menu


Thank you school council - all of your ideas have been shared with Mrs White. 


15.1.24 - School Council Meeting


After collecting pupil views of how to make our school better, the school council have decided to focus their attention on wet play times to begin with, but we need your help!


Do you have any toys at home that you no longer play with and would like to donate so that we can use them at school?


We are looking for:


  • Board games - please only donate games that do not take too long to play, have all the pieces, are age appropriate and are fun! 
  • Card games
  • Puzzles - again please make sure there are no lost puzzles pieces.



If you have something you would like to donate. Please give your donations to the school office, your class representative or Mrs Baker in Ducklings class. 

28.1.24 & 16.2.24


Thank you to Jack, Teddy and Harry who all designed and made posters for the school newsletter on behalf of the school council.


25.3.24 - Donations for wet play toys and games


Thank you to everyone who gave donations of games and puzzles for us to add to our wet play toys and games. Today the school council enjoyed sorting out the donations by playing the games and puzzles given and deciding which year groups and classes the games would be best for. 

School Council Meeting - 10.6.24


Today our school council representatives met to discuss updates and the term ahead.


To promote pupil involvement, we have made a poster for each class so that all pupils can easily express their ideas, concerns and problems to their school council team. Our council representatives are going to explain to their classes how they can add ideas for the school council to discuss in further meetings.