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Curriculum Intent Statement


What is maths/what do we want for our children?


Our curriculum is one of excellence through enjoyment and we have the same aspirations in maths. We believe that children should enjoy maths and be given the opportunity to solve problems, think logically and to work systematically and accurately. Therefore, children are taught skills and then use these in a practical approach to ensure children understand the use of mathematics as a life skill.


At All Saints’ Primary School, we want children to:

- be confident about mathematics and fluent in the fundamentals;

- enjoy problem-solving and seek-out challenges;

- reason about mathematics, justifying ideas and using evidence to prove it;

- have day-to-day conversations about the mathematics around them;

- believe in their potential to become the great mathematicians of the future.


Our mathematics curriculum follows the Maths-No Problem! scheme of work.



Excellence in Maths

Concrete Resources - At All Saints' we use concrete resources as often as possible to support learning and scaffold tasks.

Year 6 have been playing battleships against each other to learn how the four quadrants work. Things got tense!

Years 1 and 2 have been combining Maths and Computing when exploring and talking about shapes and patterns

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