At All Saints’ C of E Primary School we are dedicated to providing the children with the best possible education. And so when developing our school curriculum we asked ourselves the following questions:

  • What skills do we want from the pupils of All Saints when they leave the school and move on to secondary education?
  • What skills do we want the children to be equipped with so that they can thrive in a future/world of work that we can not yet imagine?
  • How can we best equip our children so that they will make a positive contribution and be good citizens of the world?

At All Saints’ we strongly believe that the foundations of learning start with the fundamentals. Reading, Writing and Maths are core skills that are vital in order to build success for our children.

However to build on those foundations we need to have the building bricks of a broad balanced curriculum to inspire the future Scientists, Engineers, Musicians, Dancers and Athletes of the future. We want to provide them with opportunities to be inspired by people and objects from the past and explore the possibilities that the future might bring. And, as new exciting stimuli become available, topics at All Saints’ can and do evolve in order to provide the most effective learning experience.

If the broad balanced curriculum is the bricks, then the mortar holding them together are the ‘soft skills’ of compassion, resilience, respect, teamwork etc and it is vital that we provide opportunities through the curriculum and beyond for children to develop these attributes. We believe it is important to nurture our pupil’s spiritual and moral development as well as make them responsible future members of our community.

Through our carefully crafted Shine Curriculum we deliver an approach to learning that ensures that ‘Every Child Shines’!

In this section, you can find the school curriculum for the current academic year: