Thank you for considering All Saints’ Primary School for your child!

This section provides all the information you need for making an application to join the school.

When does my child start school?

Admission arrangements follow the Education Authority’s policy for early entry to school.  Your child will start school in the September of the school year in which they are 5.

When should I apply?

In order to gain your place in a school you will need to make an application to Essex County Council in the autumn of the preceding year before they are expected to start.

How do I apply?

  • Applications are made via the Essex County Council website. 
  • Applications must be made between 12th November and 15th January.
  • Offers will be sent by Essex County Council online by email in April.

Who decides?

All decisions relating to school places are decided by Essex County Council. If you’d like to know more about how places are allocated and prioritised then you can read more in the Primary Admissions Booklet which is provided by Essex County Council.

What happens next?

If your child has been offered a place at All Saints’ Primary by Essex County Council, then parents will be  invited to a ‘New Parents Evening’ at the school during the term prior to their child’s actual admission. Parents will have the opportunity to discuss school procedures with the Headteacher and Reception class teacher.

During the half term immediately prior to admission, your child will be invited to make several visits to the school in order to become familiar with the new surroundings.   Parents will be sent details of these visits by the school office.

Come and look around

If you are thinking about making an application for All Saints’ C of E Primary School, then please do come and see us.  You can contact the school, via the admin office to arrange a tour. Tours will begin from 29th October.

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